Call of duty Modern Warfare II instalation, buying

I bought a game on the platform without creating an account first. When obtaining the game, I created an account and downloaded Games I open the platform and I still don’t have the game even though the web browser tells me that I have it in the library. I downloaded MW2 through Call of duty but it didn’t help. I don’t understand what to do next to be able to enter the game or how to install it correctly.


?? Really… I didn’t think you could.

So I actually tried to do that just now and it won’t let me…
It insists that I either log in or create an account before it will let me buy MW II.
Not sure how you managed to do that.

There may be a slight delay (upto 72 hours) before the purchase is completed… Follow the steps in the following Support article and check the status of your purchase:

If your status is not “Completed”, you will need to wait some more before you can download MW II.

If the order for MW II is not there, that could be a sign that you are possibly using the wrong e-mail to log into Battle.Net and you will need to contact Blizzard Purchasing for help. Your BattleTag shows that your home region is Europe…

Blizzard Purchasing for Europe can be reached here: . You should have received an e-mail when you placed the order; that e-mail should contain the order ID for the purchase… and you should provide that info to Blizzard on the ticket.

Good luck with this.