Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - Refund


I’ve submitted a ticket for this but I’m trying to refund Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 but met with errors every time I go through the right to withdraw process.

Not sure if anyone else has had the same issues but really want a refund on the produce.

I’m within my right to refund as it’s been within 14 days of the purchase and I haven’t played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 as it’s not out yet.

Thanks all.


I got the same error

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I verified my email then tried again and it worked i hope this helps

I am getting similar error " Oops something went wrong try again". Raised ticket for same no reply yet

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Does it say it was refunded… cause mine does but i never received the funds and its been since sept 27th … opened several tickets but i guess they are super swamped atm

Same Here everytime I try to refund it I get error messages saying the process wont go through and get told to open a new ticket.

Seeing the same issue, refund failure and to open a ticket…

I am having the same issue, the support tickets just return a automatic response no matter what you type. They literally do nothing.

Same here. Have submitted a ticket nearly 48 hours ago now, no reply. Read elsewhere they’re about a week behind on tickets.

Edit: Someone else said they just kept trying and it worked… after about 20 attempts it worked! Refund complete!

Anyone have an update for this? Nothing shows up as refundable games… I haven’t played MW2 because it isn’t even out yet…

its been six weeks since they informed me that my refund has got back to the original card I check with my bank and card provider and no received a single dim from blizzard. and I waited 2 weeks to get a response and 4 days later they respond. Now they are saying my card provider has it but yet I checked before hand cause I knew that would be the response and still have not received any money and its soon to go onto seven weeks.

I purchased MW2, turns out I cannot play because I have Cricket Wireless and 2FA doesn’t accept my phone number. When I attempt to get a refund for the game, I get the following error:

Game Master

There was an error while processing your request. Please submit a ticket to get help from one of our Game Masters.


Customer Support
Blizzard Entertainment

Where do I request a refund from? The games constantly crashes, I might rebuy in a couple months when the game is actually completed.


I asked for a refund this Sunday, MW2 isn’t it for me…even BF2042 is better than that, I’m not joking about that.

I still am in my 14 days after purchase time to ask for a refund, so it’s either that or I’ll go to their HQ or do some protest or something to gain their attention.

MW2 is NOT the game I want, and I want a refund ASAP.


I bought the game on release, its been a week and they wont refund this garbage game, unbelievable


Any updates? I can’t seem to get past oops…try again message.

This game is a fkn joke. I just want my money back. Reading through this it’s sounding like it’s their scam to push us past the 14 days so they can reject the refund…

I’m going back to Tarkov. This CoD franchise is trash.

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I agree. The game crashes no matter what you do, the developers again dropped the ball on this game just like they did the others. I’m probably going to ask for a refund. They charger a higher rate for a game developed by people who can’t fix any issues.


they flat out refuse to refund me for the game, it crashes regularly and is buggy as hell (animations, sound visuals/lighting, controls etc) and we paid £60/$80 for this garbage and expect us to just sit here and accept it.

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the first refund request took them A WEEK before they responded and the second one legit 3 minuets. they are criminals, plain and simple

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