Call of duty crashes to battle net when i launch the game

call duty keeps crashing back to battle net after launching the game ive tried updated drivers & windows


It’s also been happening to me, I know it’s not a hardware issue, geek squad checked my computer in and out, and said it’s a problem with the game not my computer

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my game is crashing consistently. what is up with you people after the update it seems like our call of duty warzone game is crashing are you serious?

Anyone figured anything out. Been having the problem since the update will make it to the loading screen then crash if I let the cut screen play it goes a little longer before it crashes


I also faced the same issue.

Same here they need to fix

I now have this issue, I’ve tried everything, Updated drivers, Uninstalled, reinstalled, Admin, ran as DX311 in arguments. Nothing. Game loads to “Loading PlayerStats” and crashes with no indication of why.

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Hey all,

Activision owns the CoD games. If your CoD game is crashing, you’ll need to contact Activision’s support.

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If you have reWASD installed on your PC, that is the issue. Uninstall it and your game should load.

Check out Call of Duty Updates post on twitter on 01.16 for more info.

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The issue we have is if the game wasn’t launched thru app, instead just launching thru the games .exe file we wouldn’t have these issues.

Careful when speaking for everyone.

No one here has indicated that issue exists only when using the launcher. In fact, the post above you (Edit: and now, also below) suggests it’s a 3rd party app causing the problem.

If crashes when using the launcher is a problem you’re experiencing, create a new thread as to not mix up different issues.


You have no clue, I have tried everything, i have had geek squad look at it, nobody could figure it out.
I uninstalled reWASD, and BOOM!!! Worked flawlessly!!!

Seriously thank you so much!!!

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Any update on this? Ive also had the same issue. Uninstalling reWASD appears to have not worked

Loads game up to the loading player stats screen then crashes every time

I keep having the same problem iv tried everything too.Iv went and disabled all my system configs, re installed, updated drivers, update the gaem, ran in safe mode and I even tried it on steam and had the same issue. Idk what the deal is but it was just working fine before the new update.

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Wow I would have never figured that out on my own. I can’t even remember why i had reWASD installed but as soon as i uninstalled it my game suddenly works. Ive never been able to play Warzone on pc due to this.

same problem here.I have tried uninstall/reinstall both game and battlenet
uninstalled REWASD all drivers are updated PC exceeds requirements for the game
BATTLENET you need to get this resolved
my XBOX runs it just fine

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