Cache Files Keep on Filling my Hard Drive

I downloaded to play Heartstone. But the thing is after a few months, I found my computer didn’t have any space left. Naturally, I deleted all my games and stuff I don’t use. But I kept on finding the next day that my disk was full again. After a few months of cleaning and deleting, I finally know that it is because of It constantly fills up my space. I did more research and found out that was filling up my space by adding more and more caches in my shared folder. I finally deleted everything today. I looked at the folder again the next day and found out there were more cache files. I did further research and learned that I had to restart However, because I didn’t know that it was in the beginning, I deleted it. What should I do? Should I download again?

Hey there Giants,

That folder is supposed to self-maintain. Usually if you have the caches expanding infinitely, it’s because of a permission error preventing us from doing cleanup, or causing an error that gets repeatedly logged way more frequently than it should occur.

If you run any third party security programs on Mac, that’s usually the cause. Try temporarily uninstalling them. If it works, you can try reistalling the security and contacting the security’s support team for whitelist advice if it comes back after reinstalling the app.

The other major offender would be your admin account getting its permissions messed up somehow. Test on a new administrator account and see if it stops spam logging there.

Thank you for your help! I appreciate it.

Sure thing! Please let us know if things don’t work. I’m replying back so that you have the ability to reply to this thread. (Due to your low post count, you will not be able to reply to yourself.)

Good luck!