Buying epic and then get ban for 1 week play reason cheating

hello everyone, I want to ask about the experience of buying an epic pack and then being banned permanently with accusations of cheating, I didn’t even use cheats or anything because I played too long, around 12-14 hours a day?? maybe the wow teachers can give me a few tips for making appeals and tips, thank you, I really respect some of the tips you gave

There is only one process for appealing a ban. There is no shortcut. Make sure you read and understand the code of conduct specifically in regards to cheating. It will help you when communicating with Blizzard staff. Make sure you communicate with facts and not emotion. It’s ok to ask for more information about what they perceived as you cheating. Sometimes a player doesn’t realize that something they are doing is considered cheating. If that is the case treat it as a learning lesson and thank them for helping you to understand. If they choose to be lenient it will be because of how you handled the situation.

You should only buy WoW through official channels, not random websites as you mentioned in the several other places you posted.


blizzard does not provide easy payment in my country and must use paypal so some people in my country buy on the official games store website