Buyers Beware(Special Pricing & Refunds)

I was offered the sale price of $48.99 for CoD MW3 as a “special offer” through my client. I purchased the game as I felt this wasn’t a great price but probably the best price I’d see in the next few months. So I purchased the game at the “special offer.”

Wrong. The checkout page defaulted to the $69.99 and I didn’t catch this - my fault for working while handling these sort of things. I noted the overcharge and attempted to refund the purchase as I hadn’t booted it up and this would be the fastest way to get back the funds and grab the sales price.

Wrong again. A chat violation in Overwatch 2 is considered a breach of ToS/CoC and voids you from being allowed a refund for MW3. Not sure how those mental gymnastics work since they are okay with taking your money with said violation on your account.

I opened a ticket to dispute not being allowed a refund: Told I had a violation and blah, blah, blah. So I replied asking if they could at least refund the price difference between my “special pricing” and the price I paid: Told again that this is out of their hands and sales are final. More blah, blah, blah that support teams do.

My final option is to dispute the transaction with my bank as this is theft in my eyes. Odds are it will be charged back as this is a new bank account that I’ve never used with Bnet before. However, I’m hesitant to do such an action as my Bnet account is from 2004 and I risk losing everything associated on my account. I have a ticket pending asking what could happen, but given the treatment I’ve suffered so far - they will be less than helpful.

The whole reason for this post is to show the poor practices in play with Bnet. They use bait-and-switch pricing and then tell you “lol, you’re at fault - good luck!” Then, if you have a violation in any game for any reason, you aren’t even allowed to get a refund. You get hit with a 1-2 combo of overcharged and unable to refund. GG.

Glad to see Bnet values self over customer and can’t be bothered to correct a $20 overcharge. They stand to lose more money as this has lost all of my trust in this company.