Burning Crusade Mouse not working

My right or left click aren’t working to be able to target anything, or to open up a store as they should, quests as well. I can do it after spending several minutes or getting really lucky. But say say I use the spellbar I can click the actions to cast spells assuming I have a valid target. I was using one of the armor spells on my Warlock and then Life tap. I reset my key bindinds to default and that didn’t work (mouse works here) . Add ons installed - Atlass loot (all the various ones including core) , Classic Codex, Spy, TomTom, Vendor Price, & Questie . What is weird: I had it working the night Wow Classic was launched and I played for a while.
Edit: I needed to update my add ons, I fixed it.

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This helped me as well! I was struggling for almost 2nd consecutive day with my mouse on BC. I couldn’t target anything no matter how hard or fast I clicked. I even tried binding different keys to it. Also tried uninstalling the mouse driver and took the click test but finally updating the Classic Codex worked for me! thanks mate. :love_you_gesture: