BUG: Unable to add payment method, cannot buy anything

I have been directed to post this problem by support as a bug.

The Bug:
While attempting to buy anything in the shop I get a server error 500 before I can fill in any payment information, this might be because I don’t have any payment method defined.

I go to account settings > payment methods
I click “Add a New Payment Method”
The form the is then displayed show 2 choices of payment types

  1. Credit Card
  2. Paypal

I choose “credit card” option as I do not use paypal and click “Continue” button

The next screen shows me Billing Information to select a billing address that is already set to my billing address in the system.

I click the “Continue” button, this goes to a screen that only displays and error box with thick orange border and an exclamation mark with no further text in it.

I’ve been going back an forth with support for 3 days explaining this issue and following their troubleshooting steps.
They have now advised me to post this here as a bug here.

Actions done in an attempt to resolve the issue are:

  • Clearing browser cache and cookies
  • Trying a different browser
  • Clearing previous payment methods
  • Trying to login via a different network
  • Trying it from a different pc or mobile device
  • Resetting password and re-attaching authenticator

    Raised further issues with authenticator, phone number is now incorrect.

  • Clearing and re-adding the address (done from supports end after address validation)

All of these actions have not made the problem go away and the same bug persists.

I had my wife create an account of her own and attempt to add a payment method to her account, but this also resulted to be subject to the same bug as with my account.

The country set for my as well as her account is the Netherlands Antilles.
According to support this is likely what causes the problem somewhere within the battle.net account and/or payment systems.

Please fix this bug so I can acquire game-time and DragonFlight through battle.net 's shop

Thank you


Hello,I’m having the same problem,did you manage to fix yours?

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Bumping this. Went back and forth with Blizzard Support 4 times, trying to explain this. It started with an error after entering my card information, now it won’t even let me enter details… Now they Support won’t respond. I’ve been trying to buy WoW subscription for a week now.