Bug: Starcraft Co-Op - no points accummulating

Re: Starcraft Co-Op, Players over level 90

Ever since the latest update (or one just prior), points are no longer accumulating for players over level 90. I am at 128. Each time I play, I still receive a point total for the mission, but NONE of the points are added to my total score. I get a message saying I’ve hit the max at 90 and the points are no longer added to allow me a higher level than 128. (128 exactly with 0 being added ).

At first, I would get this error only on the first game of the day. Now it occurs with every Co-Op game played.

Related to the above, I understood we would be getting WarChest points for Co-Op. We are not receiving any credit towards WarChest for points earned in Co-Op.

Please fix. Thank you.