Bug or intended ? Not losing gear when i died in multiplayer

So i was in multiplayer mode, playing solo, and was fighting Diablo in normal. I died, but strangly when i chose to respawn in town i had still all my equipped gear. Didn’t lose any gear. Only thing i lost is some gold. I had like 90k before dying and 60k after.
Anyone know why i did not lose my gear ?

This is normal on level 16

oh really so when dying on level 16 i don’t lose my gear ?!
Why is that, why this exception for level 16 ?
I mean i’m certainly happy about it, level 16 is a pain for warriors. Trying to get back to my gear next to diablo himself would not have been pleasant…

If diablo dies the game ends when you enter the level, so if someone else kills him while you are trying to recover your gear you would loose it permanently.

Ah that makes sense. Thanks for the info !