Bug - many opposing-faction mounts missing from API

Many (though not all) mounts from the opposing faction are no longer being returned by the character collection API. With the API rework it was intended for the entire account’s collection to be returned for any player, but this is no longer the case.

Looking at the list of mounts that I own that aren’t appearing, I can’t see a defining factor. Since there are so many missing it’s easier to define which do still appear:

  • racial mounts still appear
  • the original “Black War” pvp mounts still appear (the later Black War Mammoths, Black War Bears, etc. do not)
  • the pair of mounts from the “Two Sides to Every Tale” achievement still appear
    But not much else…

Hi Wain,

We did recently make some changes to the way PvP gladiator mounts are included in the collections document, however I would not expect those changes to impact the collections document in the way you are describing. We are having some conversation internally to determine if there is a bug here.

Thanks for the report!


I see the same behavior, I lost over 50 mounts from my Horde toons (all one account) when I lookup my Alliance character (that used to show say a month ago). I see it’s consistent across all of the sites that I use to track this so I would say it must be something within the API. An example of this is the Great Golden Kodo - for some reason this particular one has disappeared but not all Kodos.