Bug in Vashj`ir

Hi there i got a annoying bug
when i get aboard on the ship from outside orgrimmar to go to the Vashjir ( The quest Call of Duty - Ride the mercenary ship to battle.) after the loading screen the orcs on the ship starts screamin/ talking and then i get rdy to what i tought would happen. as far as a iknow there was a seamonster that sunk the ship and you ended up in te water and getting kidnapped to the bottom or somthing lika that. but when i go there and before the seamonster starts its fun. i get teleported to Dun Moroghs seashore
and if i try to ride over the water towards the vashjir i get fatitude for a short while but as soon i get to vashjir sea surfice i get teleported back to this little Cabin on the Dun Morogh`shore So what to do now?
i talked to a gm whom adivsed me to write here
im getting back to 17,9 x 74,4 y

And i hs back to org and retake ta quest but the samething happens im stuck at Dun Morogh

Best regards

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Stuck in the same loop, but I’m taking the boat from Stormwind City. Keeps teleporting me to the coast with a cabin on it and nothing else happens.

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Same issue here. Did you get anywhere with it?

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Same issue here.
Tried without any addons and abandoning quest and restarting and same issue back to back. I hope someone finds a solution.

Ok, So I think it’s because its not out yet. Its pre cata right now. Cata release is end of May. Cant believe the GM didn’t mention that to you. Just what I think.