Bronze in Mists of Pandaria Remix

Apologies if this has already been brought up. But I tend to agree that the bronze situation needs to be improved. Start with caches awarding more.

Also, the gold in normal retail and classic is useless in remix. You don’t buy anything with it that’s remotely useful, and your gear breaking isn’t a thing either. Why do quests even award it? It’s not enough to be significant once this event is over and your remix toon becomes a normal classic or retail toon (and there are much more efficient ways to farm gold in normal classic and retail anyway then the typical 25g you get from questing at level 70 in remix). Why not make quests award more bronze instead? It might even incentivize people to do daily quests. Reputation gains are ridiculous in remix, and I went from neutral to exalted with Shado-Pan just from doing the Townlong Steppes campaign. No dailies at all. I went from neutral to exalted with Golden Lotus from a single day’s worth of dailies in Vale of Eternal Blossoms and I will get exalted with Cloud Serpents tonight after work (3rd day of dailies).

Haven’t done Dread Wastes/Klaxxi yet but I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same story. From what I’ve seen August Celestials haven’t been boosted and Shaohao is still the grind it always was…lol

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