Bought mw3 for my girlfriend it wont let her play

This post is made for a MVP support becuase there isnt a suppot option for my issues unless im over looking it and can’t find it. I bought MW3 for my Girlfriend, downloaded it, all is good. We loaded it up so she can play with me and it keeps saying " there is another account with your phone number please log onto that account to play" and that is impossbile because when we log into her battle net account it clear as day shows her phone number is connected to that account, she only has 1 account so i dont know what is going on.

When you say you bought MW3 for your GF, how did you do that? Did you gift it to her from your Battlenet account? Use a digital PC game code from somewhere? Did you help her buy it from her Battlenet account?

Does her Battlenet account here on the website show that she has the game key active on her account under her Games and Subscriptions List?

I have never actually heard the error you are describing though. Normally if the launcher is confused, you log all the way out of the launcher and close it, clear the battlenet cache, reboot the computer. Then she would log in to her Battlenet account that has the new MW3 license on it.

We went to battle net, made her an account, logged in bought MW3 that simple.

We went and lunched the game just to get “your mobile # has already been used by another game account please log into that account to play”

Error code : BLZBNTBGS00004666

This is the support article for that error.

Hmm. That error would indicate that Battlenet thinks there is another Bnet account out there somewhere with her phone number attached. It would be under a different email. Did she ever play any of the free Bnet games? Activision and Blizzard both have some and they require a phone number entered to play. Did she ever let you or someone else borrow her number to make a free account?

Sadly MVPs are other players, I can’t see her account and look it up. Blizzard will also only deal with the person who is the registered account holder.

If I had to take a guess as to what to do:

  • She needs to find the account that has her phone number and either reclaim that account as hers (assuming it is registered in her name), or ask that the number be removed. I have no idea honestly how Blizzard proves that one or handles that. It would be through the ticket system but I am unsure which option.
  • Once she has the number freed up, she can add it to the new Bnet with MW3 on it that you guys just bought.

If she ends up not able to do that and has to play on the other one, you can refund MW3, then she can buy it again through the other account.

Refunds are automatic if it was purchased in the last 14 days and has not been played more than 2 hours. This link should take you right to the refund option when accessed from her logged in account that she (or you) purchased the game on.

I get why you could not find a ticket solution - this is a bit complicated.

P.S. Remember Blizz does not allow account sharing and only deals with the account holder who has their name on the account. Be careful with that so they don’t kick things back. It is fine to assist her, but it will need to come from her.

If all else fails and you get too frustrated, do the refund and at least get your funds back until you can get the account situation sorted out.