Bought Diablo 2 expansion on new computer

I already had Diablo 2 in the past, and then got it again through the new online system. Now I got the expansion on a new computer, and I just want to play the game. Can anyone help me either get Diablo 2 on my new computer or get the expansion on my old computer? I’d appreciate any help.

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Hey, RarePirate! I see the D2 and D2:LoD on the account here. You should be able to do the following steps to get this installed on the new computer.

  1. Go to the downloads page here. Scroll all the way down, and you should see the download options for Diablo II and the expansion. Download both of these files.
    If you have any trouble, here’s the direct link for Diablo II and the Expansion.
  2. Go to this page, scroll almost all the way down. You should see the Diablo II and Expansion CD Keys on this page. Keep this page open for step 3.
  3. Once the game is installed, you should be prompted in to enter in the CD Key. Make sure to enter the correct one for the Diablo II installer, then for the Expansion.

It should be fully installed once the CD Keys are entered, and it should how “Play Diablo” now :slight_smile:

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I cannot get it to install it says Diablo 2 must be installed

Usually, you get that message when you’re trying to install Diablo II: Lord of Destruction before installing Diablo II (2000).