Bots in Hearthstone

There is way too many bots in Hearthstone. 10 games or more of bot accounts. It is so boring. They all play the same deck. It also elo inflates players because coming up with a counter deck is simple since they just SMOrc you. I really love playing this game, but the past 7-9 months the botting has gotten insanely out of hand. Please try and fix this.

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My situation and others on Reddit is obviously similar. I am beginning to feel Blizzard does not care and will not recognize our negative experience. If anything, they are allowing the ladders to degenerate to encourage a switch to Standard.

I must have reported a few dozen profiles by now. Their account names are gibberish. You might see the odd Asian name as well so it’s aparent the issue is out of Blizzard Tech’s hands.

They must be compiling reports and figuring out how to isolate the fingerprint of the decks as they are made.

I have a simple solution. You don’t get to play wild ubelss your account is 6 months old. Problem solved.