Book of Heroes Adventure

I was doing Valeera’s Challenges and after finished 3/8 (I’m not actually sure) I force-closed the app. Im the meantime i had network problems. After i tried to reopen and resume to continue 4/8 challenge, i weird bug occured. The app didnt normally open to the main menu instead tried to resume the adventure, though not the Valeera one but the Anduin’s i had already finished the same day. I force closed again the app in a try to maybe unstuck it. Didnt work of course. It showed the 4/8 of Anduin to begin playing but when i clicked view deck it shows the Valeera’s portrait but with Anduin’s deck list. Also tried to win this 4/8 challenge thinking it would unstuck it this time. But of course it didnt, it just advanced to 5/8 challenge with the same bug at View deck. So i retired the Run and choose Valeera again which starts again at 1/8 challenge.