BNet Mobile App for those without access to GooglePlay

I run GrapheneOS on my unlocked Pixel 6 Pro and do not have the Google Play Store (or any of the associated services) installed. I don’t even have the sandboxed version. I use FDroid to install apps that I use on my phone. But the bnet mobile app isn’t available on FDroid. And it isn’t available for download from the Blizzard download site. That just redirects to the Google Play Store when you click to download the Android version. So, for those of us who don’t have access to the Google Play Store, where can we download the mobile app?

I won’t go on a full rant about how unhappy I am to feel like I have no choice but to download and install the mobile app on my phone and open up goddess only knows how many permissions. I don’t use the social features, read the news or do anything but use the bnet desktop app to launch games. Why would I need that on my phone? I’m never going to use it for anything but authentication. Currently I have the authenticator app on my old Pixel 1 with no SIM card that connects to the internet via WiFi. It only gets turned on when I need to authenticate something. And it does the job perfectly. Please, please, please rethink this forced move.

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You can download the apk file from a website called apkpure .com Supposedly it is a reputable site. I have an old version of Discord I grabbed from there and it has been running without issue.