BNet Launcher TOS Missing Continue Button?

Did anyone else have issues with TOS launching when trying to boot up the Bnet Launcher? I got a screen with a box to review the text, and subtext “By clicking continue…” But no continue button?

Was ultimately able to bypass this by logging into Blizzard to post this topic, but weird there’s no button to continue on the launcher itself.


I’ve got the same issue. It’s a serious fail on Blizzard’s part. They’ve set up the window so you can’t resize it, and it seems it requires a specific resolution to be able to see everything. I had to disable program DPI scaling and high DPI scaling override, and then it showed me the full thing–in all its grainy, wrong resolution ‘glory’. Yuck. Immediately closed and re-opened with the scaling again.

Seems like a mistake you’d give a college student a failing grade for. Not something you’d expect out of a high profile gaming company… but then again this IS Blizzard, who seems to be doing everything in their power to destroy their own titles and company. shrug

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Same issue here. I use the beta for the high DPI support and I suspect that has something to do with the window not displaying correctly.

I got it working by using the phone app to sign in and agree.

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Same issue here, I had to go through the phone app to agree

The problem here is because Blizzard outsources this piece to another company. And while that company hires skilled people they aren’t gamers and they don’t use high DPI displays. They use 1080p displays and somehow don’t notice or care about the graininess and in line with this, they forget about testing for high DPI because it’s just not on their radar.

I have tried explaining to them how they can sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and use such crappy workstations and they just don’t get it. I’m sure they aren’t all like this, but the ones I’ve talked to were just in a different universe. It’s pretty sad.

Found a solution: select the window and scroll through by hitting tab. Eventually it’ll shift to the bottom of that page where the “Continue” is.