Bnet keeps reverting to old UI

I have multiple bnet accounts and because of this the app can’t decide if it wants to launch the new version, the old version, or the old version with a notification to update to the new version. Can you enable the flag so that I Just have the new UI on this account so it quits this annoying BS?

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Hey camo,

Bliz should be finishing up deployment to the NA region very soon. If you can hang in there for a bit longer, you shouldn’t run into the constant swapping back and forth for much longer (as long as you’re not switching regions). :slight_smile:

dude i would love this to happen to me the new ui is so ugly that i now use desktop icons to launch my games instead. its atrocious and they had the stupid idea in their head to not allow reverting.
Id like to know how you did this so I can at least get some more time with the better launcher

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ingame support in not in function sence SH prepatch,is just constand loading in a circle and they finde time for new application which looks like chaos.what kind of transperanacy are these people playing,which moron lead these people.and this broken launcher that keeps scanning and updating and dont let me what has this firm become