Bnet doesn't launch games properly

I think since yesterday (Nov 6) the battle net app has not been launching games after a single click, so I have to click Play twice. When you click it the first time it does the loading and everything for a few seconds like if it’s gonna launch the game, but then it goes back to normal like if nothing happened and just doesn’t launch the game, when you do it the second time it does the exact same thing, starts loading for a few seconds, but on the second try it actually launches the game like it should.

If you talk about the newest icon with the latest online games, then your launcher probably was out-dated. An update can merely restore this status.


Just want to say that I have the same issue.

Also, if I switch region (I play D3 in the 3 regions), same thing happens. The game never launch the first time I click PLAY … but will launch the second time.

I have tried a few things to troubleshoot:

  • Delete the BattleNet Cache Folder and BattleNet Files – problem still exist;
  • Switch to the Beta version of the BattleNet App (same problem) and back (problem still exist)
  • Uninstall / Re-install the BattleNet App – problem still exist

Not sure what else I can try… so I’m just going to endure this for now. It’s inconvenient for sure, but I can live with it.

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