Bnet constantly relogging - kicking me from game

Since yesterday, my Bnet app is randomly logging out and right back in, and when it does it boots me from whatever game I am playing (WoW or cod). I have,

-Delete the battlenet app and reinstalled
-restarted my PC
-restarted both modem and router
edited to updated
-changed password
-updated to latest version of windows 11
-switched battlenet to beta version

Idk what else to do, is anyone else having this issue?

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Are you using any security apps or a VPN? Changing permissions or IPs will cause a logout.

I am having the exact same problem. My client will blank out my friends list, and the “news” will briefly blank out as well, and my connection status will go from “Online” to “Connecting”, all within about half a second.

I’ve been playing Starcraft 2 recently, and will get “Achievements are disconnected” messages everytime this happens, and in Single player I will get messages that Blizzard is disconnected every minute or so. is clearly disconnecting/reconnecting over and over again, causing a disruption in-game.

I have done the following steps:

  1. Press windows key + R > Type %programdata% > Click OK > Delete the and Blizzard Entertainment folders
  2. Press windows key + R > Type %appdata% > Click OK > Delete the folder
  3. Press windows key + R > Type %localappdata% > Click OK > Delete the and Blizzard Entertainment folders
  4. Change DNS to google DNS ( and away from my previous ISP DNS.
  5. Completely reinstalled client.
  6. Completely restarted my computer, and having Windows update in the process.
  7. I am a 100% wired connection, so no wifi signal issues.

I have not been able to play call of duty since the last update. as the game loads normal then gets to the updating screen the game crashes and shuts off. i have uninstalled the game twice, checked for updates, scanned and repaired and still keeps crashing. can someone help me out?

I have done literally what you have done and I am still experiencing issues.

I’m experiencing this as well. I’m not sure if’s quick disconnect then reconnect is exactly what’s causing me to get booted out of my game, but I can only play WoW classic for 10 to 200 seconds at a time before getting a disconnect and then being able to immediately reconnect.

This started Saturday Jan 27th 2024.

Having the same issue. I have followed troubleshooting steps from multiple different forum posts and support pages with no success. I have done all of the steps mentioned above also. We need a solution BNet. This is preventing us from playing games that we have paid for.

update, 4 days ago i as able to get to the picking a map on COD the game crashed again, havent been able to get close to that screen since

Blizzard doesn’t have any hand in the development of CoD. You want to reach out to Activision.

happen to me right now…its been an hour cannot login

Same here, tried all the tips - support doesn’t respond - the stuck assistance doesn’t react when I choose which Char is crashing.
I’m spending more time searching forums and clicking for support that has no answers, than I am playing.
Guessing this is one of those things BN just hasn’t dealt with, though it is sad the stuck assist is defective

I’m having a similar problem. I go to load up COD and it does the main screen then it pops up an error code BLZBNTBGS00000002, I looked it up and it said it was a password problem? But my account it logs me out and says it can’t connect. I have my internet connected I changed my password. I uninstalled the game and Battle.Net I can’t get loaded into the game I don’t know how to fix it?