Bnet BLANK chat window on startup

When I do NOT have any games open, and a friend sends me a bnet chat message, the chat window opens up completely blank below the namebar.

Example: I see “Stancia” and the fact my friend is Online, but everything BELOW that point is a near-black dark blue with NO chat log and NO chat window to type any text into. I get NOTHING from it until I either completely close & reopen bnet OR go to the Notification Bell, or completely close it and open my Friends menu and THEN open the chat for “Stancia.”

This bug has been happening since at least the last time bnet updated, possibly the patch just before that one. Since the last one for absolute certain.

It’s very annoying. Please fix it?

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I’m having the same exact problem and it’s annoying. I have to close the chat windows and reopen it to see the contents. And I agree, I’ve been seeing it since the last bnet app update.

Same here. I don’t know if it will work for you, but I can fix it over here by dragging the window a bit; any distance is fine, so long as you move it at all.

I have been having this problem and looking for others experiencing it with any solution for over a week now. I am on a new computer so was thinking it might be a new program messing with battlenet, even did a full reinstall of battlenet. Moving the chat window a bit lets me see the contents without closing and reopening, but either way it seems a weird problem.