BNet Authorize API via Discord Bot (Python)

I am trying to connect a Discord Bot to login to a user’s BNet account so I am able to access their account. So, I attempt to access with the parameters

data = [
        ('scope', 'wow.profile'),
        ('redirect_uri', ''),
        ('client_id' 'WOW_CLIENT_ID'),
        ('response_type', 'code')

Then, I use a request, with the provided data, to authorize the user.

response = requests.get('', data=data,
                             auth=('WOW_CLIENT_ID', 'WOW_CLIENT_SECRET'))
final = response.reason

BUT, everytime, I am getting a 401 Unauthorized or 403 Forbidden request.

How can I utilize Python to send a request to BNet API to get access to a user’s account so I can access the user’s characters? Thanks for all the future help!