Bnet app chat window font is wrong?

An update just got pushed through and my chat window got updated. It seems to have gone from a sleek arial looking font to…times new roman? And in low resolution?

Is anybody else seeing this or am i encountering some sort of error?


it’s happening to me as well, tiny, ugly Times New Roman on the popout chat window but not the main Chats and Groups window.


I also do not like this change. The bottom of the window has mismatched colors layered on one another, and the font is very hard on the eyes. Please bring back sans-serif font (or give us options), and smooth out the UI color scheme.


EU-side here, I noticed this issue last night. First, I thought it was a thing that was in testing on the beta client (since that’s what I had installed), but after reverting to standard/release version, it didn’t change back.

Both for me and a friend, who tried to reinstall the client, which didn’t help. I think he also tried to clear his client’s cache first, which also didn’t help.

Please revert whatever changes that was made, Blizzard?


I’m just glad to see i’m not the only one.

Through some tinkering with system settings i was able to make the text clearer and more readable on my 1440p monitor, but the font is…not pretty. I told my friend and he said it sounded like a stylesheet didn’t load because businesses don’t generally go for serif fonts.

If this was a stylistic choice, i strongly urge blizzard to go back with their default font that they normally use (like here on the forums). It’s nicer that way. If it’s not what they intended i hope they will fix it, because it’s more difficult to read this way. I had posted in the tech support forums initially because i thought this would likely be a problem on my end somehow, but it seems to not be quite the case.

Also new error, the text box at the bottom now seems to not be entirely in the frame until i resize it.


Agreed. I’m experiencing the same issue. Font is now a serif typeface (looks like Times New Roman to be specific). It’s quite ugly and not a great user experience in my opinion. Looks to be like a bug with the latest bnet update from what I can tell. I doubt this is a purposeful choice.


I have the same problem. It’s almost unreadable in a high resolution.


Mine is the same way. It’s driving me insane. Docking it to the grouped message window looks a little better, but it’s still bad… and I don’t want to use the docked window.


I’m also having the same issue with the font (the new chat bubbles make it even worse due to poor contrast). In addition to that (visible in the screenshot posted above) the darker blue around the chat edit box doesn’t extend all the way to the sides and just looks bad.

Edit: The buttons that appear when someone calls you on voice also look terrible since the update. Feels like some unfinished changes or a bad merge made it live?

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Same problem here. The chat bubbles are also pretty ugly. Please revert this change :frowning:

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Same issue, looks like the chat css file isn’t being fully loaded or something.

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I’m not sure why this was moved to Support, as it’s not a Support issue. This is all feedback on the new design – which is heavily lacking compared to the previous version.

I’ll try to get this thread back home. :upside_down_face:

Edit: Back where it belongs!

just commenting because this is my first time noticing this (as I do not pop out chat often). Pleaseeeee either change it back or let us decide the font! This new style is horrible and not easy to read.

also just noticed, if you post more than 1 message it staggers your message inwards.

…just why…


Same thing for me. Just wrote a Ticket about this and got send here.
I didnt think it was a new design jsut something like a bug because it looks super mismatched.

So vote for old desgin!

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Not everyone has it changed to Times New Roman, which means it’s an unintended bug. I would have thought that that does belong in Support?

Either way, I rely rather heavily on Bnet to talk to my boyfriend day in and day out, and ever since this font bug it’s been murdering me. And this is after having that weird bug where a new pop out window would alt+tab me out of Overwatch and show up totally black, so I had to stop letting Bnet bring up pop out windows mid-game which is rather inconvenient for me. Please at least fix the font.

If it is bug behavior, it would go in #bug-report :slight_smile:

Things returned to normal for me, with the sans-serif font. I was also getting a black box loading in place of the message area, with only the title bar showing details. I was able to resolve this with these steps:

Click the Bnet icon in the top right >
Settings >
App >
uncheck Use browser hardware acceleration.

Just wanted to share in case anyone else ran into this!