Bnet and Wow doesn't work (BLZBNTBGS8000001C)

Sometimes game and bnet just doesn’t work (while website might work fine). Error code appears - BLZBNTBGS8000001C

I know this is not my computer and not my router (all other resources and internet are working fine). I know there should be some kind of application (not windows tracert) which will record all traffic hopes. I want to do this and show to my internet provider this information. Where I can find it?

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WinMTR and PingPlotter are likely what you are looking for… Ensure that you select WoW in the dropped-down box…

WinMTR : Blizzard Support - Running WinMTR

PingPlotter : Blizzard Support - Running PingPlotter

Recorded but cant attach screen from PingPlotter here (URL can’t be attached for some reason). Any other ways?

According to logs - there is a problem with some EU servers which is assigning to the blizzard network (EU host provider maybe? I dont know)

?? not sure what you mean… you said :

I ran PingPlotter on the Diablo III IP address while playing D3… recorded for some 400 seconds at 1 sample per second. I did a screenshot at the end (I masked my router IP) and it looked like this (click on picture to zoom in):

I used “File” / “Export to Text File” (1 column per hop) and got a CSV file in Downloads; when I opened it up, it launched Excel and looked like this:

I used “File” / “Saved Image” and got a PNG file which I opened in Paint and it looked like this:

All these files can be e-mailed to your ISP if that is what you want to do.

Wow how you attached screenshots

Site telling me I can’t attach URLs.

A privilege that I and a few others have… long story but Blizzard uses a system of “trust levels”… the more one spends time on the forums, the higher it is. You’re currently TL 0 (new user) and I’m TL 3 (regular user – regular as in “regular patron in a pub” – I spend quite some time on the forums). My first language is French and I often use pictures to illustrate what I am trying to say in English… so that’s useful and convenient for me.

As a New User, you can’t post pictures but if you upload the picture to a picture hosting website (I use but there are others)… you can put the URL address in your post and convert it to “preformatted text”… the forum software will then accept it.

To convert a link to preformatted text do:

  • put the link in your post as you would normally (paste it, usually);

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The link will appear white on a greyish background as so: and will be accepted by the forum software. Readers won’t be able to click on it to access the picture but they will be able to copy-paste it on their browser.

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So it is visible, where the problem happens. Have already addressed this to the my provider also, but the problem is - EU provider which is placed between my provider and blizzard company

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OK – I’m not very good at interpreting these results… even when it’s fairly obvious.

Your average round trip time is about the same as mine actually… and I’m about 3800 km from the Americas region server for D3 near Los Angeles, in the US.

Good luck with this !

Just noticed Im located at US forums (blizzard redirection is awesome :D). Sorry
Im from Ukraine and playing only on EU servers

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Don’t worry about it… I also keep an eye on the EU forums and would have provided the same info if you would have posted there. :slight_smile:

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