BLZBNTBTS000007D0 message when trying to install battlenet

hey ive uninstall battle net and its related folders and when i try and install it i just get error code BLZBNTBTS000007D0.

are there anymore steps/things i can try? cheers

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Hey there!

Thanks for reaching out to report this. If you haven’t already, be sure to try these troubleshooting steps to fix many common connection issues related to this specific error.

If the error continues, temporarily test a different network such as a mobile hotspot to determine whether the problem is isolated to your current network.

I am also having this issue. I’ve tried every step of the page you linked with no success and now it won’t let me reinstall the game after I uninstalled it per your directions. It is only affecting WOW and WOW Classic.

I had this problem when trying to preinstall diablo 4. It happened right at 80gb left to download. I uninstalled diablo 4 and reinstalled and it started updating and hit 80gb again and did it again. So i uninstall bnet and now when i try to install the bnet downloader i get that error message trying to start installing bnet

Im having same issue i uninstalled on pc and tried to reinstall. also i downloaded the battlenetapp on my phone and it wont let me log in it says opps error occurred Help!

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