BLZBNTBTS00000028 error code

A couple of days ago I tried to update the application but I got an error, since I could not update uninstall the application from my computer and I decided to install again but I get the error BLZBNTBTS00000028 and I could never install again, someone knows how to install new


i flagged this as inappropriate because it was never answered…

i have the same problem, still havent found any way to fix it

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Same here, tried every solution as provided

I have the same problem and now i cant login to my account it loops tryed to reinstall app but does not work

idk if this is the right place, but its a error and i figured it looked somewhat similar or something like that, but since error, i happen to see that i had an “beta” of when the call of duty was free one time, and i tried everything even restart my comp, and the thing dont seem to uninstall.