BLZBNTBNU00000006 cant uninstall overwatch test?

It says overwatch test is saved to my C drive taking 30GB but when I try to uninstall through remove programs it throws error code BLZBNTBNU00000006 and wont uninstall and the battle net launcher doesn’t show overwatch test as an option to reinstall/uninstall how can I remove it?

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I have the same error code pop up when trying to manually uninstall Destiny 2.
The game doesn’t show in the blizzard app but also will only let me play it if I open it through the app (which is now not possible).
I’ve tried uninstalling the Blizzard app first & then Destiny 2 but that didn’t work.

The error in question means the app cannot uninstall the targeted game properly. In those cases you can manually delete the folder where the game is installed. It may leave a ghost entry in the apps and features list but the data itself will be removed. Be sure to empty the recycle bin post deletion.

I have the same problem, it just simply doesn’t allow me to uninstall Overwatch 2 and reinstall it again

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