BLZBNTBNA00000012 - game doesn't start

First “Invasion” Mode didn’t start. So i reinstalled the game, now the game doesn’t start.

Error Message: BLZBNTBNA00000012


same problem here i really don’t know what to do, i have tested 8 things to fix it and failed


has anybody figured out a fix for this?

Wtf does this mean. This is stupid

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I had issues last night where all the sudden it started just hard freezing my PC after pressing play. I uninstalled and let it reinstall overnight but now it just says an error occured do a file scan and repair which comes back as no errors. Game is garbage and broken as hell. worked fine before last update.

i downloaded the game, installed the beta and it hasnt worked for even a second. it wont even let me load up the beta at all. i get this error everytime and cant find a solution. whats the point in putting out a broken game that wont even work for the people who payed for the beta


I have same problem after 2,5 patch release.

I was super excited to play the MW2 beta. When I installed it the first time it was unplayable… stuttering, lag, etc, etc. So I uninstalled and re-installed and now it won’t run at all? Can we get a solution for error BLZBNTBNA00000012 please? I know it’s the beta, but I just paid $70 to play something early and can’t even access it.

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Same issue. Played just fine yesterday at about 9-11pm EST. Then the patch came out and ive had the same error code for the last 12 hours despite numerous attempted fixes

I’ve also not been able to launch the game once having installed the beta - ive had this message showing up non stop. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling both the beta and twice now with no change what so ever. Bit of an insult tbh once they have fleeced you for the money and you can’t access the beta at all…