BLZBNTBGS80000011 error no matter what I try

The client refuses to let me login and keeps throwing up a BLZBNTBGS80000011 error.

I have Turned off all windows firewalls things.
Rebooted machine.
Uninstalled battle . net and ran a reg cleaner before installing again.
Reboot my router.
Release my IP and do a DNS flush.
Deleted all traces of Battle . net folders within ProgramData before reinstalling
I have no AV other then whats built into W11 and nothing works.

If I install Battle . net on my garbo laptop and run it there I have no problems. But my gaming PC? Nothing. this has persisted for at least a month if not more.


Same problem, just happened today.


Same here. Had it since last night


Same issue here, can someone please look into this? I’ve been unable to login for 2 days now. It’s ridiculous that this is happening preventing us from playing games we’ve paid money for.


More and more people experiencing the same error, had no problem 5 hours ago, wanted to log in now and couldnt.


Same for me since yesterday. simply won’t connect, no matter what I try and no matter what steps I follow from support articles etc…


Will not load Or connect to any games, so same thing here since the most recent update


same cant login, sometimes it works but then same st again

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i cant login to batle net app on pc and mobile phone

  • reinstalled
  • reinstalled battlenet to a different partition
  • reinstalled windows 10, clean os
  • tested to login to from a different pc with win 11, same issue
  • resetted the router, DNS and wlan
  • tried to login for the pass 24h, still same issue
  • steam , EAorigin and other online game client works fine. its just that have issue

non on this helps so i think the issue is on blizzards side.


now i get error code BLZBNTBNA00000A8F

I am having this issue as well since the maintanence 2 days ago and have been trying periodically for the last 48 hours with no luck. Try to launch the desktop app but it won’t sign my account in. Game news, updates, and the store work fine, just login and only with All other online platforms work fine

I was able to log in once by resetting my router but when I closed it and relaunched it failed to sign in again(also this is not a solution, mearly a one-time fix, as resetting our entire internet to log into one service is ridiculous) . The one time I got onto Diablo 3 it played flawlessly until I exited the game and tried to get back in, where it failed to login again.

Also tried reinstalling, restarting PC, flushdns/release renew, pinging and running tracert(no issues) on supplied IPs for login per support articles, resetting password. Checked firewall setting and is allowed, same with antivirus. Can sign into the website no issue.

If i try to log in on my phone it works if I am on a VPN but if I disconnect from the VPN it fails to log in

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same here. Have been trying all day. Nothing is working

I have just given up… I think my issue is separate from all these other posts since it was before the maintenance period.

I’ve thrown the launcher on my steam deck as much as I didnt wanna do that.

same here they need to fix this

found a fix guys please try this : flush dns cache and look up on youtube battlenet couldn’t log in and click the first video it has all the cmd commands worked for me

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Switching my region from Europe to Americas on the login window allowed to me login successfully. I was then able to play COD in the European region as normal.

Had this issue for 2 days but this workaround worked ok for me.

Just tried it, still fails.

Same problem. Done many troubleshooting and none of it worked.

Its worth calling out that I also reset my password just before switching regions. I can still recreate your issue when switching back to my native region.

I’ll try when the beta thing is over since its signed in on my deck and I dont wanna screw with it but yeah I think my issue is separate from everyone elses. In this thread since it existed before maintenance and blizz support says port 1119 is closed and thats why its failing but opening it on my pc and router seems to do nothing so… I dunno.

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