BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 problem with starcraft 2

Earlier i found out that i cant load arcade map by showing the error of

So i went to to fix repair Starcraft 2
This shows up when it finished downloading or checking
Tried out all of the stuff this website provide for official solution,still cant solve the problem
anyway can I find and send you guys the log file or something to check what is exactly the problem

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J’ai le meme problème je veux reparé warzone et arrivé a 98% l’erreur s’affiche
second problème je ne peut meme plus cliqué sur jouer ça me met mise à jour, de la je clique et ça me lance la reparation… en vain sans réussite

I have same issue on Vanguard. It keeps saying update after scan and repair and then i scan and repair then it just says update and scans and repairs again. I’ve tried a few different troubleshooting things in the forum and nothing is working.

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