BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 Error for Modern Warfare


Im trying to download COD Modern Warfare and I keep getting this same error, im running windows 8.1 I have tried all of the suggestions for the error fix, but still no solution. Any help please…

Same here,dissapointed blizzart!

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Hey there friends!

If you are still getting this BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 error, I have a few ideas we can try. Before I get in to them, I wanted to talk a bit about the error.

This happens when the app is failing to pull and write the files to the computer. This means anything from a firewall to a corrupt folder can cause this. As you know your system better than us right now, check for firewalls or download managers that could impact the app.

Out side of that, I would want to start with resetting out app. Make sure the app it not the problem.

Perform Steps 1-5 here after that do not reinstall yet but follow these additional steps:

  1. Open file explorer/file manager
  2. Type the following into the address bar (not the search bar): %APPDATA%
  3. Delete the Bnet and blizzard folders inside the appdata folder if they exist.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with %LOCALAPPDATA% and %TEMP%
  5. Empty the recycle bin.

Next, I would double check for Anti-Virus programs that could be blocking the download.

Let me know If any of this information helps.




Thanks for the reply…but the problem still persists…im running windows 8.1 with Norton antivirus…your app works but the problem is that every time it tries to initiate the download of the game, the error pop up immediately…I tried with the other games as well like starcraft and does the same thing…any other solutions you think of…thank you

Hi again MegamanXV1,

If all the games are causing the same error even after the app was reset, then it is for sure being blocked. Would you be willing to fully disable or uninstall Norton?

If not or if that fails, next would be to try another network connection. A Mobile hotspot is the most popular options for that. It would by pass any local firewalls on the network or ISP that would be blocking it.

If nothing here helps, I think at this point it would be best to open a tech support ticket with a msinfo.


I tried a lot of solutions but the only one that worked so far was one on youtube