When I try to update warzone it says BLZBNTAGT00000960 Whoops! Looks like something broke. You could try restarting I tried everything posted to fix this issue.

anche a me e non so come devo fare

Seems like more and more people are experiencing this error and they try telling us to re-install the game… Maybe get things together and patch it up somehow. I’m not gonna download +100GB again.


hi, ive got the same issue. done all the suggested fixes and nothing has changed…

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Same issue here. have tried everything short of uninstall reinstall

I found the solution. Just go to your task manager and close out both update agents, than try updating call of duty again


Thank you this worked!

como lo hiciste???

Try the following steps.

  1. Go to control panel and uninstall then you have to go to file explorer and make sure your the game your downloading the folder of that game is deleted and the folder.

2.Right click your desktop then click your driver and make sure it updated.

  1. Or go to device manager then click display adapters then right click your driver then properties then driver then update driver then search automatically for drivers.

  2. If driver is up to date then go to settings on pc then update and security and make sure your pc is up to date.

  3. Then go to services on your pc by typing services once in services tab look for windows update.

  4. Once you found windows update in services tab, right click it and go to properties and change the start up to automatic and then apply and okay.

  5. Then restart computer.
    Redownload by searching on web browser desktop app.

  6. Then launch then download then see if your game is saying downloading, updating, installing, initializing. If it says any of those, then your game is downloading.

  7. To check it, go to file explorer then the game folder, right click the game folder dont open it. Go to properties, look at the size then exit out of properties then reclick properties and you will see the size changed that means it is downloading or you can enter the folder, and you will see stuff that wasn’t originally there.

  8. You can also try running as admin by right clicking it then click run as admin.

  9. Or right click it then properties then shortcut tab then advanced then admin and apply and okay then restart computer or right click it then go to properties then go to compatibility tab then admin then apply and okay then restart computer.

Only reason you see two update agent in task manager is because your installing the desktop icon. If your installing desk top icon once it finsished downloading you will see desktop icon. Close out both update agents and try download again.

The easiest way to avoid this is download the game first then download the desktop icon after the game is downloaded. Step 9 is optional.


tambem estou com msm prob… deve ser bug no path… agora temos q esperar eles resolverem

funcionou aqui tbem… agora so esperar atualizar p ver se entra no jogo … 20 gb:(

worked for me too! nice!

worked great still wish there was a better way then reinstalling over 100 GB activision really needs to fix this broken game instead of releasing new content they would save a lot of players from leaving. Whenever I hear warzone I hear about its bugs and glitches used to be cheaters also. They’d have a much larger fan base if they fixed these issues that are constantly happening with there broken game. I completely left once caldera dropped due to amount of bugs and uphill stretches of unloaded game and my internet is amazing.

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Glad it work for you.

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