Blue screen of death trying to play diablo4?

upgraded to windows 11 downloaded the beta waited 70min got in played until level 3 got kicked. waited another 70min logged in and computer reset and error coded blue screen for 10min got to log in again waited and same thing as before

anyone else experience this or suggestions?

It’s happening to me. The truth is that I don’t know why the blue screen error happens but it is very annoying, it has happened to me twice and I don’t know whether to continue playing.

Literally just happened to me, too. Was worried initially, as I havent seen a blue screen for years.

Using a threadripper, 3090, 64GB RAM, and all drivers etc are up to date. Checked the system and everything appears to be in order.


certainly something is going on with the game that gives conflict.

Im on a similar build and its happening to me.

Hello everyone,

If you could please post this in the Diablo 4 technical forums this would greatly help the Dev team out as the game is in beta. Please also include the Blue Screen error code (if it gives you one out side of ‘encountered error’). You will also want to include your DXDIAG please.

So a few things to note as I also have received the Blue screen and am trying these solutions. First of which being Compatibility mode as well as Run As Administrator. I shall report back with my findings. However with the error it says "The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID " which to me says permissions and maybe this will fix it.


Go to MSCONFIG.exe > Startup > Select Hide all Microsoft Applications > Disable all that are left.
Then go to Start up on task manager and Diable all Programs that start on pc start as they are not needed.

Game ran perfect after a fresh restart! Hope this helps!

I just downloaded this to my Xbox one, my console is com
pletely toast. won’t boot or do anything. Just a black screen. UPDATE…I had to do a hard reset on my console and reset my tv screen as well. Runs ok now but not very well when your in one of the town areas. I only had to wait a couple minutes in the queue, not bad

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