Blizzard won't reply to any support emails!

I’ve tried like 8 times now. I can’t login to my account, submit a support request. Most times they reply back, ask some verification questions. I reply back, then… nothing. They never reply to me, not in spam, just no reply whatsoever. I know I can receive emails from them because I get the initial email.

Anyone know what’s going on?

Why is it harder to get into my Blizzard account than it is to get into my bank account?


Cause your not making them money. :frowning:

Ticket times are a week or two right now. The backlog on tickets is HUGE.

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The wait time for an ingame ticket is 26 days due to the new expansion. The reason prepatch goes for 4 weeks is to allow for the fix of as many customer discovered bugs as possible. A lot of these bugs can only be discovered by mass play by a lot of people, more than in the quality team @ Blizzard. Ive reported about 3 bugs and No one wouldve found them unless they were doing something specific with old content. So you may find you have a long wait time for help. Infact my last ticket received an auto reply which didnt help and it was closed off and archived. I had to start another ticket for it I couldnt resubmit the original one. None of the usual suggestions helped so the auto reply for me wasnt helpful.

It is WAY more than that.

The number you see is the oldest ticket in queue, not an estimate for YOUR ticket. It is misleading though and easy to misinterpret. That number can go up or down depending on the tickets in queue. It does not impact YOUR ticket though.

Well, sort of a lot of things.

  • Ban waves across multiple games which results in appeals floods
  • Wrath pre patch and server merges which caused issues and ticket surgers
  • MANY returning players needing account access help, compromised old accounts, etc.
  • Wrath release and HUGE queue times, then locked servers.
  • OW2 release, esp the part where it needs a non VOIP or pre-paid phone number
  • more ban waves
  • purchase issues with char names and other services
  • purchase issues with a new COD game (I think?) and also the phone thing.
  • Dragonflight pre-patch + pending expansion

CS supports all Blizzard games, purchases, and platforms. This is not considered ok at all. Not by anyone.

Well wait times might be huge but… they send me the initial support email (as a response to the website form) within a day or so. It’s the reply to this email that never comes, and it has been WEEKS since I started trying to contact them.

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Is this backlog still an issue? It’s been 17 days since I began attempting to recover my account, and I’m having the same issues. I get an initial email, but after that, crickets.

It should be down to less than a week now. 17 days is way too long. Did you get a ticket number when you put in your ticket? There are errors sometimes where the ticket fails to submit and you don’t even get a number.

Also check your ticket history on the website, and any spam folders in email.

If all else fails, open a new ticket and be sure to write down the ticket number!

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Thanks for the reply! I’ve opened three tickets (1/8 , 1/18, 1/23), two of which had numbers. I referenced the previous one the last time I tried. I checked my spam filters. Since I can’t log into my original account, I haven’t been able to check the status of any of these tickets (I created this secondary one to have access to the forums and look for help).

I want to get back into my account so I can play with my BFF, who was diagnosed with cancer last summer. We have other ways to keep in touch, but I know this would be an ideal way to spend some quality time together. So, you can imagine my frustration with the delay…

You can use this secondary account to put in the tickets. It will let you use the website tracking for it! That may help. I suspect your email is eating replies via spam filters or something.

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1 week now what happen

I’m having the same issue - I spilled a drink on my computer which fried the motherboard and my drives so I lost access to my email I had logged in for many years. The number on the email is old and I don’t have access to it. Microsoft are being difficult for the account recovery. I Have submitted 3 tickets and i have provided transaction IDs as requested from battle net and no still no reply. I’m paying a subscription for a game i cant even access the customer support is shocking. I made this account to post this