Blizzard Support takes literally almost 2 months

I put my first ticket for my hacked account about a month ago. Takes 2 weeks to respond to each and ended up with a disappointment. Managed to recover it BUT, I asked to change the phone number on that account since I no longer have access to it. When requested, changed the phone number on my alt account ( this one) instead of my hacked account that they recovered beforehand. Its almost been 2 months since my first ticket.

I’ve been sitting on tickets that are 5 months old, and a newer ticket which is just over a week old, and it’s annoying as all hell when it’s due to my account being suspended for something that I had been framed for.

It’s a shame that Blizzards Customer Service doesn’t seem to do their job, but then again, they are making almost half my brother who works at Pizza hut.

My suggestion is either Blizzard hires new Customer support staff, either remote or in state, pay their Customer Support staff decently, OR have their Customer Support staff do their job.

My account got hacked too i think.
i opened a ticket 2 months ago (without your “almost”) and nobody really resolved my issue…
I tried to log in and it opened a new account for me.
Good to know that you got your account back, give me a bit of hope…