Blizzard steals from all

When you get a subscription for WoW, you pay in full, in advance, no refunds and you are FORCED to have automatic renewal. No warning that my subscription was coming to an end, no option to turn off automatic renewal, and no refunds. Basically you have to mark down your subscription end date on your calendar and make sure to cancel before they auto-renew. No other company in the world works like that. WHAT A SCAM. Why doesn’t Bliz delay taking our money like they delay every expansion?

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Correct. WoW has several payment methods. All of them involve paying for your month of access at the start of the month.

You are not forced to use a subscription to access WoW. By definition a subscription is an auto renewing payment. It is convenient for some players. You can cancel any time you want (once the payment for the start of the month processes) though by going to account management. Here are the instructions

There are also several ways to pay for the month that DON’T require a renewable subscription. They are outlined here

You can buy game cards for specific time durations either as physical or digital purchases. You can also use gold to purchase tokens that you can turn into a monthly payment.

Why would they delay a payment that you set up and agreed to? That is illogical.

I am also curious what the last expansion was that they delayed. I can’t think of one off the top of my head but I could be misremembering.

In the future, if you want something to be paid month by month instead of auto payed, you need to be sure to set it up that way. That goes for gym memberships, bills, Netflix, music services, etc.