Blizzard, please help! Rock 'n' Roll Racing glitches

First i must let you know i got the PS4 version
Thank you Blizzard for this collection, i love Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing and i play it almost everyday, i have enjoyed this game more than some current generation racing games, it is vey fun and addicting; nevertheless i have experienced some bugs, i have experience all these glitches while playing 4 Player mode (single player), it is quite possible that these bugs also affect Definitive Edition:

-Blue Mines lying on the ground that suddenly disappear, i have experience this glitch while racing Division B in Drakonis planet tracks
-The song “Radar Love” by Golden Earring is not played when you switch music options to “CHIP”
-Exploding cars that come out of nowhere: when you are leading the race, a car exploding appears of all of a sudden in front of the race leader, it usually happens in the first lap, i have experienced this glitch at least five times while racing Division B in Drakonis, Bogmire and New Mojave tracks, actually it can happen in any planet division
-I was about to play Drakonis Division B, first race out of 10 and the race track became virtually invisible, i just couldn’t see where i was heading, it was really annoying, it never happened to me before
-While racing in Drakonis planet, i was second place in a race and i was after the leader, i had the race leader in front of me and i fired a rogue missile destroying the leader and sending him to the fourth place, a few seconds later (three or four seconds later and to my surprise) i saw the car that i just destroyed in front of me (that just can not be possible), racing on fourth place position when he should be far in the last place, out of sight
-Cars in a stationary position, i have run into this bug a couple of times

It seems these bugs take place more often after the last update/patch (version 1.02), i never experienced these issues while playing the game’s version 1.01, i am starting to think that update/patch 1.02 broke the game

Those are the issues that i have found while playing the game extensively
If you can provide a solution and fix these bugs, me and the rest of customers will be very grateful

Thanks for your attention and have a good day

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