Blizzard please fix Diablo 2 LOD US West stuck at "Checking Versions" and "Connecting to the fastest server"

It’s been almost 2 weeks and problem still haven’t fixed.


i had all realm down all showing checking version , some are lucky still can play in other realm :confused:


I hate that they are just ignoring everyone on west. It’s disgraceful. Like, yea everyone on server has issues but it’s all our problem apparently

Is not just US west, for over one week I cannot connect to ANY realms. I tried using different computers, different internets, different IP addresses, nothing works.

My friend who bought the game last week to play with me also cannot connect to any realm.

I contacted my ISP (which confirmed it’s a problem of the host @

BUT blizzard is telling us there is no problem, so they are not doing anything.

I am not gonna touch any blizzard product ever again.

They aren’t ignoring the issue, nor has Bliz said it’s your problem. Bliz did respond to the reports indicating that it’s been sent up to the proper team and is being investigated.

I’m able to log onto all 4 servers, Delirio, so it would seem something is working correctly on Bliz’s end. And with US West and Asia being the only servers that have confirmed issues, the fact that you can’t log on to any of them suggests either an issue with your account, your system, or the pathing between you and Bliz.

Then explain why I can ping/connect to other blizzard services (WoW & SCII, forum etc…) but NOT Diablo 2.

I was actually logged into the game when this whole problem started more than one week ago. So my settings (which are always the same) have most likely nothing to do with it.

Having a cluster of people experiencing the same connection problem all at the same time is also a clear telltale of some kind of broader connectivy issues host side rather than an individual problem.

In the tracert my signal drops well after reaching one of blizzard data centers, which is also another strong indicator.

I am glad you can connect, go play instead of wasting your time with pointless replies to my posts

I haven’t been able to log on for the last week either with the same issue.
Has Bliz dropped the old d2 servers to push people on to the new d2?

Are Blizzard actually doing anything about this issue over 2 weeks and there’s nothing from them, must be they want everyone to buy the new resurrected version. COME ON BLIZZARD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS

In the last ticket I received from support they said: “I have seen similar reports from players in Hong Kong recently so I am thinking this may be an issue in your specific area but I can’t confirm anything for now.”

It seems that after 1 week of tickets and forum reports something is moving.

Keep sending tickets and making reports here!

I can’t. Don’t know anything about your account, your system, or the pathing between you and Bliz. However, I do know that I can connect to all 4 servers.

That would likely be true if it were any other game besides D2. However, with the restrictions that legacy D2 has, when people can’t connect to any of the servers, the vast majority of the time they’re under a play restriction. I’m not saying that’s what you are experiencing, just that you can’t unilaterally claim that an inability to connect to all servers is definitively a Bliz issue.

They’re far from pointless, Delirio. You’ve made a few inaccurate generalizations. The point of my posts are to curb misunderstandings that people could have when coming across those generalizations.

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I’m also still unable to connect to ANY REALM . It’s been 10 days now? What is going on?

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Time to forget about blizzard, bad company is bad. Nuff said.

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If you can’t connect to any realm, you may want to submit a support ticket to ask if you under a temporary play restriction, or permanently banned. If that’s something you want to do, you can use this support ticket to inquire.

There are several required fields in order to submit: (assuming Windows) Traceroute upload, DXDIAG upload, MSINFO upload and a Description.

The three file uploads aren’t needed for this kind of inquiry. So, you can

  1. manually create three text files,
  2. name them with their respective names,
  3. put something inside them (anything will do, they just can’t be blank inside),
  4. upload

Then type your question in the “Description” field and submit it. Make sure you reach the confirmation screen.

i think you can still play this with VPN

Definitely don’t use a VPN, they are not permitted with D2. Using a VPN will result in a 14 day play restriction.

Please do something it will never get fixed

If one is having issues with the USWest or Asia realms, the respective teams are aware. If one can’t access any realm, the see my post above about looking into a possible temporary restriction/full ban.

The reason I recommend checking into it is because if someone is restricted/banned, they won’t be able to connect to the servers regardless if they are working or not.

Would I catch a ban for running Wireshark whilst trying to diagnose this issue?

I have never used a VPN to access Diablo 2, so I’m interested in seeing if there’s a communication breakdown between my home network, the ISP or the servers.

it’s now July and this is still an issue. Blizzard support is GARBAGE. I quit. Not sure i’ll do D4 because of this - lot’s of other great games out there. The support person suggesting to this thread that it was the poster’s problem - as if it was exclusive to that person has no business in IT support. Ridiculous. People across multiple time zones, states, countries are all having the same issue. I’m stunned. This came after one of my accounts was nuked earlier in the year, as if i was a hacker or something - never got a reason so i’ll never know. The accounts was YEARS old - all the best stuff in the game. Now both? I’ll be staying away from this company…period.

I’m sorry, Einhauer, but the circumstances surrounding how legacy D2 functions commonly involves problems on the user side.

As I pointed out in my replies, when people can’t log onto a/any region, it’s far more likely they’ve triggered a temporary play restriction. And these play restrictions affect everyone the same, including “People across multiple time zones, states, countries” at the same time.

Is it always a play restriction? Of course not, but that is the case the majority of the time when people post here, meaning my information and suggestions are appropriate as support.

It’s certainly your prerogative to go or stay, but understand that when you choose to play an antiquated, out of development game on antiquated, out of development servers, you choose to play it as is: older and more prone to stability issues than a modern system.

As of three days ago, I was able to log onto all the realms, including USWest. That’s not to say that all the realms are running perfectly; however, if someone can’t connect, it does point to play restrictions or other user-end issues. Thus, that’s why I made the suggestion that people inquire with Bliz to find out where the problem is (which is also appropriate support).

Additionally, no other Bliz games run on the old servers. So no other games, including D2R and D4, will have these restrictions. Nor will they suffer if the old servers have issues.