Blizzard please change price or currency in Armenia

I want to buy games in battle net shop. Price of call of duty mw was 2000 russian rub~14000 armenian dram. But now it is georgian 145 gel~20000 dram.
Please change it back or lower price.


I have same problem. My currency is changed to Gel for no reason. Supports says what the problem is on their side. they confirmed I did not changed my currency ever and been registered as Armenian account. But he told he cant do anything about that as he is just a support and sugested to write a post to " reach authorized person". And this problem not only for Armenians I’ve seen similar posts of people from Moldova, Cambodia and I believe there is a lot more. As I see your post is from May of 22 so seems noone interested in problems of these countries.
My specific problem is - I’ve tried to prepurchase Diablo 4 but there is a same Gel price. Till now Im waiting for anything towards solving this but as I see this is actuall for a months so I believe I will not get this issue fixed even after D4 release.