Blizzard Pass Idea

In discussing the current push back of some titles and the current earnings of the Company with some marketing colleagues I have wondered why blizzard hasn’t implemented a full service game pass to encourage play on all fronts through all games. Something that encourages me to go play HOTS to earn things in COD or WoW. So that I get hooked and spend money on Heroes, or do dailies in wow to finish a quest to get more packs in hearth stone and eventually just break down and buy an expansion??

For Example:

Blizzard Pass: $20 - 25$ / Month

Heroes of the Storm Benefits - 1 Month XP Boost, 1 Month Gold Boost, 10 Blizz Pass Special Loot Chests Per Month, Special Blizz Pass HOS Monthly Quest.

World of Warcraft (Retail) Benefits - 1 Monthly Subscription, 1 Month XP Boost (previous expansions), Special Blizz Pass WOW(R) Monthly Quest.

Overwatch Benefits - 1 Month XP Boost, 1 Month Double Loot Crates Earned, 3,000 Tokens Earned Per Subscription (Legendary Skin Cost), Special Blizz Pass OW Monthly Quest.

Hearthstone Benfits - 10 Random Booster Packs, 1 Month Playthrough of Rotating Free Expansion / Dungeon Dive, Special Blizz Pass HS Monthly Quest.

Diablo 3 Benefits - Hedrigs Gift repeatable on multiple characters, 1 Month double deaths breath drops, Special Blizz Pass D3 Monthly Quest.

Call of Duty - 1 Month Xp Boost, 10 Blizz Pass Loot Crates, Special Blizz Pass CoD Monthly Quest.

World of Warcraft (Classic) Benefits - Full access to WoW Classic, 1 Month XP Boost, Special Blizz Pass WOW(C) Monthly Quest

Diablo 2 Remastered Benefits - Special Blizz Pass D2(R) Monthly Quest

Starcraft 2 Remastered Benefits - Full access to Starcraft 2 Remastered + Color 1 Month, Special Blizz Pass SC2(R) Monthly Quest

Warcraft 3 Remastered Benefits - Full access to Warcraft 3 Remaster 1 Month, Special Blizz Pass WC3(R) Monthly Quest

Etc. Etc…

10/10 Quests Completed Unlocks Hero of the Storm Achievment for the Month and Year you do it in. This would give you something for each game maybe a custom skin? Nameplate? Mount? who knows make it up.

This is like marketing 101 get me endaged to go play your games more than just the 2 I actually like. I am already paying 15 a month justify me spending another 5 or 10 so we can get more content out of you.

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