Blizzard Launcher spawns multiple 'Update Agent' processes if it cannot connect correctly

I use a VPN that split tunnels Chrome, and due to how the Blizzard Launcher displays content it seems to use the default browser to either grab or display the ‘News’ panels as well as connect to the update service. This causes the Blizzard Launcher to error (BLZBNTBNA00000005) out if the VPN is active.
If this happens and I leave the Launcher running it spawns multiple (up to ~100) Blizzard Update Agent processes which causes performance issues. The only way to then undo the issue is to kill the processes one by one or restart the PC.

I am too having this exact same issue. Only when I use a VPN. Playing from China I mostly am using a VPN. I’m using a VPN to make this post for example.

So why does it spawn these endless updaters that soak up memory and eventually crash my computer?

What is the fix to this?

I have this problem also, left the app open for a few hours and my CPU was at 100% with a ton of agent processes running