Blizzard Launcher Help

Okay. So, I have an issue/request.

I would like to remove “Overwatch” from my Blizzard launcher.

Look, I understand that under normal circumstances, Blizzard would prefer to keep all of its games in full view of its client side users – including and especially games the customer doesn’t own yet, because that’s basically free advertising. I get that. I understand. Do not reiterate this in your replies, community, because I get it.

However, being that I am on a Mac, I don’t see the point in keeping the Overwatch icon stuck there uselessly.

Look, despite all my problems with Activision and the way they’re running things, despite how much I hated that ActiBlizz came to the People’s Republic of China’s aid when those mean old Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters said mean things about them, despite how much I hate the culture of crunch that is endemic across the AAA video game space, I am a more-or-less reliable Blizzard consumer. If Overwatch had come out on Mac the way literally every single other Blizzard game since Warcraft I did, it may have been a day one purchase for me.

But, it didn’t. And so I’ve largely stayed away from Overwatch – even console-side. I figure, this game doesn’t want to come where I play, so clearly it doesn’t want me. And that’s fine; I respect that. Let us go our separate ways! (and I’ll get to know the occasional Overwatch character that migrates over to HOTS anyway, that’s fine)

But that icon on the Blizzard launcher really bothers me. It’s like that ex-girlfriend who tells you she needs space, but texts you the next day to say she misses you. It’s manipulative and selfish and – well let’s not make this about my baggage!

Just please, do one of the following things, if you could:

  1. Tell me how, if it’s possible, to remove the Overwatch icon from my Blizzard launcher.

  2. If #1 is not currently possible the way the launcher is set up, please maybe look into implementing some method for me to get rid of it, since it is not being used.

  3. ALTERNATIVELY, maybe finally port Overwatch to Mac. Do this and I’ll gladly print out this email, pass it through my shredder, and then delete it from the forums forever. (that shredder bit was totally a gesture of love and respect on my part, btw)