Blizzard keeps canceling my tickets

my tickets were canceled with no response…

Ticket Number: US73591105

and followup ticket
Ticket Number: US73597608

I want to unlock my account. Warcraft and Hearthstone are locked.

I was told I must verify my identity as the registered account holder.

I am supposed to submit your identification through the support site.

I uploaded ID

Please unlock accounts Warcraft and Hearthstone. thank you

ticket US73597654 just dissapeared now, wasnt canceled or anything

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I’ve had tickets over 3 weeks now and nothing, NOTHING. Can’t find any response if any, can’t even find the tickets I’ve written. Blizz has the worst CS of any game I’ve played.

I agree with you. my friend had really bad experiences with blizzard as well.

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To be clear they dont use Support as they once did, they now use autoanswers (made up by algorithms) and autoforms giving the most commonlike-answers.

So Blizzard Support does not exist in the termonology it once did, let’s say a few supportive workers tries but my guess is they eventually quit for better circumstances then beeing in the Blizzard-loop and doing nothing.

Blizzard answer to 80% of the problems is Buy a new Game, your account has been closed. But they dont understand the time and effort you put into these games, working items, etc. Blizzard is a company run by weak leaders and a culture that’s non-existent. It has no heart. It has no soul. And now it does not even have support. So congratulations for bringing Blizzard down and soon we all will watch the documentary about why this company failed.


i got support after finding how the ms info file was invalid but my 7 missing chars are not back yet 10 year old acc full of gozu stuff. if not pod here i come

Mano, reclame no RECLAME AQUI, reclame em locais de mídias, facebook, instagram, twitter da blizzard, talvez dê certo. A imposição chegou aos jogos minha gente.

thats because activision both sucks and blows for selling a broken game

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dude the company is a joke and does not care about customer service, good luck. They need to fail

blizzard dont care anymore they have made their money