Blizzard hates all users, Blizzard has changed

When my account on the Asian server was stolen, and due to the lag and lack of customer service support, all my coins were looted. For the screenshot evidence and IP change evidence I submitted, Blizzard responded that the incident did not exist and did not occur.

The fact that blizzard rejected your evidence is awful and really odd for them, but I can assume that you just got unlucky and the support member was unqualified or just didn’t want to help you. You can try to send the report one more time maybe you will get a new answer.

i left in 2020 and come back they deleted my account i tryed 7 days to get it back i never did i lost 83 epic dragonflight and 1 said microsft cant help you lol well my friends kids dad made microsoft and 1900 blizzard was layed off = i hope the little bastard who deleted my account was 1 of them . if not ill find out and it will be 1901 when they spend 68 billion blizzard = microsofts now lol. micosoft need s to delete every 1 in the cosby room and all bad people in blizzard peroid .and for the person who said they have no power lol 1900 blizzard lays off = microsft owns you now