Blizzard has screwed a 6 year vet over

After struggling for two months to get my old account back after accidentally linking it to a new one they have just now told me AFTER recovering my old email that I have to wait a FULL YEAR to change the xbox link. STAFF DID NOT TELL ME ANYWHERE THAT THIS WOULD HAPPEN NOR DID THAT WARN YOU ABOUT THAT BEFORE THE MERGE. I have had that account for 6 YEARS, hundreds of dollars invested including the watchpoint pack I CANT EVEN ACCESS. IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR PLAYERS??? YOU CAN KEEP MY ACCOUNT I AM NEVER PLAYING ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR GAMES AGAIN. THIS WHOLE MERGE HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE AND NOW MY STUFF IS LOCKED FOR A YEAR WHAT IS THE POINT??? Take a note from me and save your money from online purchases from crappy big corp companies like this don’t even waste your time like I did. This is my final goodbye to a franchise I used to hold and love dearly, my heart is shattered.

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Did you merge it your self, or was it a service?