Blizzard Games Load, Activision Games Don't

I’ve fresh installed, as well as COD CW and MW, as well as trying Hearthstone too. Hearthstone loads fine, but I haven’t got either CW or MW to load. It’s stuck on (which I’ve seen 100s with the same problem just scouring the internet) game is running (ie: Playing Now), but falls back to the Play button. I’ve tried every trick in the book but nothing has worked. Disabled everything (firewall/av), deleted every affected directory, run as admin, reinstalled numerous times.

This problem is way too numerous for there not to be a current fix for. Most people solve it by running as admin, but I put every exe for both and CW and MW to run as admin and it doesn’t work. Still falls back to play. And there’s no way to skip the launcher to run the game directly, even though it’s not a Blizzard game.

So what is the issue Blizzard? Why is this a recurring problem I’ve seen on countless forums and here as well. Why do your games work, but Activisions doesn’t load?


Blizzard isn’t the one to ask since they have no hand in developing the Activision games (they are completely separate companies). Outside of purchases, installing and patching, you need to contact Activision’s support for running, playing and any actual game related issues.

This is definitely a launcher issue. Has nothing to do with them. If the game was able to be loaded separately from the launcher, then yes it would be through them. But the launcher is used to load and patch the game.

What makes you conclusively think it’s a launcher issue? All the launcher does is launch the game’s executable. After that, it’s up to the game’s code to do all the rest.

Patching doesn’t have anything to do with running the game, which is why that is something covered by Blizzard.

Why do people have to run the launcher as an admin to be able to run Activision games if all it does is load the exe separately? Wouldn’t you have to set the Activision game to run as admin and not the launcher?

Not in this case. When running the launcher as an admin, it will pass that admin command to any game it launches.

So the launcher does affect the game running…

In this context, it just gives the games’ exes permission to run as an admin rather than you needing to do it manually.

Howdy ThaReal,

What you described is the game crashing or something blocking the game from launching such as antivirus software. We can only support installation so in this case, you will need to contact Activision for more help with this situation.

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