Blizzard games keep minimizing

Every Blizzard game I play, Diablo3, Diablo4, and Heroes of the Storm, keep minimizing and bringing me to windows without pressing the windows key. I have had it happen even when I went afk a minute and come back and I am on windows and have to click the game icon at the bottom of the screen to get back into the game. If this was just one game, I would uninstall and reinstall. But sense it is all three games, I am guessing it might be the launcher that keeps bringing me to windows sense it is open while I am playing and it seems like that is what it keeps bringing me to. Any suggestions?

Here’s my guess…

There is something on your system that is stealing focus. It could be your anti-virus software or something else running in the background. Sometimes, once an app steals focus, you’ll get a minimize on what you currently have up on screen.

Check around your system and see what is running and disable them one by one until you find which one is doing it.

It could be malware or even a virus. So, even the anti-virus software that might cause it, could be used to solve it.

The key is to discover which app is working in the background to steal focus.