Blizzard gallery art store

I attempted visit the ‘Blizzard Gallery Art Store’ , which generally has ‘ Limited Time Art’ from a Blizzard game (That I can never seem to get my damn hands on, grr :persevere: lol), nethertheless - I was unable to visit the normal page as it simply just redirected me to the Gear Blizzard Store homepage. I tried alternate methods - Even going into my history browser and pulled the website from there and it did the same thing.

Does Blizzard no longer show the Blizzard Gallery Art, and this is as intended? Or is this merely a bug to be resolved. :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here, cant find the blizzadd gallery. Sooo are they gonna respond? I see your post is already 6 days old and they havent said anything haha bad service

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Has anyone gotten any update on this? I’ve seen many open topics but not a single Blizzard response.

I am been trying to get an answer to this for over a month too. I would just like to know what’s going on. I tried calling the new website but they didn’t know anything